Entries are officially closed.

Key Dates

  • Call for entries: July 10, 2017
  • All entries can be modified up to the closing deadline
  • Entries are now closed.
  • The Gold Leaf Awards banquet and celebration will be Thursday, October 26, 2017 at Denver Museum of Nature and Science

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A. What are the Gold Leaf Awards?
Since the 1970s, Colorado Healthcare Communicators has honored professionals in public relations, communications and marketing through our annual Gold Leaf Awards competition. CHC is the only Colorado member organization that exclusively honors local health-care communicators and marketing professionals. The categories include: advertising, collateral, annual reports, communications programs, community relations, media relations, websites, events, writing, newsletters, video, social media and more.

B. Do I have to be a member of Colorado Healthcare Communicators to submit?
No. Both members and nonmembers are invited to submit entries to the 2016 Gold Leaf Awards competition, so long as they fulfill the requirements listed under Entry Rules. However, CHC members receive several benefits for the Gold Leaf Awards including reduced entry and ticket fees.

*Make sure your membership is up-to-date to receive these benefits! This website checks your email address against the main membership database to ensure that you're a member. If your email address has changed, the system may not recognize you. If you have trouble, email goldleaf@healthcarecommunicators.org for assistance.

C. Am I a new entrant because I have never submitted online, or do I sign in with my CHC login?
The Gold Leaf Awards site is a sub site of the CHC site and requires a different login. Please start your entries by creating an account under New Entrant. You will be able to save and return to your work until the entry deadline, and your account can be used again for next year's competition.

D. What is the time frame for the work considered for the awards?
Entries must consist of original work created between August 2016 and July 2017. View the complete list of rules by hovering over the "Gold Leaf Entries Home" tab in the side bar and then selecting "Entry Rules."

E. Do I have to fill out all SIX criteria sections?
If you want to win - it's best to answer all six criteria: Planning, Goals, Budget, Target Audience, Implementation, and Results and Evaluation. Each factor is taken into account by the judges when assigning the total possible score.

F. What if I don't know how to report results?
Results can be measured in many different ways. Numbers, percentages, sales goals and other metrics are always nice - but not always available. Think of results in different ways - did you meet or exceed your goals/objectives? Did your client or colleagues give you feedback?

G. In what format should I submit print entries?
We accept multiple PDF files for each entry. However, each PDF is limited to 5 MB in size. The judges will review all PDF files online.

H. What if my supporting PDF is larger than 5 MB?
If a supporting PDF is larger than 5 MB, try uploading it to your website and sharing a link to the file instead. If the file is still too big, you could divide it into clearly-labeled sections less than 5 MB each. Keep in mind that judges will not have time to pour over each and every PDF in each and every entry. Provide them with the best material that supports your entry and category; judges may not need every single item created for a campaign to adequately evaluate it.

I. How do I adequately explain all of my work when there's a character limit for each criteria section? I don’t know how to meet the character requirements of the criteria summary without deleting important components of the work we did.
Use the criteria section to be your SUMMARY. When these were hard copy submissions, entrants were required to type up a two page (max) summary for the front of the binder and to explain the rest through supporting materials. Then and now it is always up to the entrant to determine what those supporting materials should be. In many cases, the criteria sections should be the high-level summary of your campaign and the PDFs/links should be more detailed.

For example, you can use the maximum space for the criteria summary and then divide the rest of your campaign into sections like Online Materials, Print Materials, Media Coverage, Social Media, Survey Results, Photos, etc. and include a mini summary with results for EACH section. Then you can give the judges all of the pertinent info instead of skipping elements of your work.

Whatever you do, just make sure to lead the judges through your materials—show them what you want them to see. We recommend having a plan for the order you want to upload/link supporting docs because the online system does not include a button to switch their order.

J. How do I sign up to be a member of Colorado Healthcare Communicators?
We'd love to welcome you as a member! Please sign up by submitting the form on the main CHC website at https://www.healthcarecommunicators.org/index.cfm/membership-info/join-as-member/.

What if I can't find my question & answer here?
First try the help files by clicking on the book with the question mark. Contact the Gold Leaf committee by emailing goldleaf@healthcarecommunicators.org for any questions not answered there!